Good day. My name is Aras, and I am the Marketing Director at Sazan Beauty. My responsibilities include (but are not limited to) all the technical aspects, content creation, and creative marketing behind the scenes.

My sister, Sazan, has worked hard for over a decade, building her health and beauty business. She clearly understands her clientele and has fine-tuned her skin and body care approach, along with her unique and exclusive treatments and products.

I believe every successful business has certain ingredients that must be in place for it to have a solid foundation. Then, growth can begin to take place. It starts with being transparent about everything you do, providing excellent customer service, offering the best possible products at fair prices—and marketing.

As the Marketing Director, my responsibilities range from web development and cloud hosting to content creation, list growth, and social media management.

Therefore, our lead Beauty Technician, Sazan, can focus on her craft—providing you with the best one-on-one skin and body care.

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about my role at Sazan Beauty.

You can learn more about Sazan by clicking here.