Hello everyone. For those of you that I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting, my name is Sazan, and I am a Medical Technician and a Skin Specialist with over nine years of experience in the medical field. I think it’s safe to assume that you and I share some things in common. We both enjoy caring for ourselves—our skin, body, and well-being.

I started this business well over nine years ago, formerly known as Melanin Medical Laser, and now re-branded as Sazan Beauty. You can read more about it on my About page.

Other than that, I look forward to working with you and helping you reach your beauty plans.

You may reach me at the number below for a free consultation. And I genuinely mean that. My consultations aren’t some five-minute visitation—you will get a solid, one-on-one consultation. Completely free of charge.

I think this is an essential first step to getting to know my clients on a personal level. How else can I tailor beauty plans for you if we have never met and spent time together?

That was rhetorical. You don’t have to answer it.

While you’re still here, you can also visit the Services page to see some of my services. I also have a frequently asked questions page (FAQ). I post questions and answers that most clients ask in person or flood my inbox.

This website is updated often, so I recommend browsing for additional valuable pages, such as our blog section, where you can find curated health and beauty content we post often. All are free, and you might find the information valuable to your needs.

Anything else I missed? Please email me or call me at my contact listed below.

Thank you, and talk to you soon,